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Message From Board of Directors
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There are many significant challenges that those doing business in Bangladesh must face on a regular basis. The economic stability of our country is under constant threat by significant increases in the price of oil, gas, basic raw materials and other commodities. This along with an insufficient supply of basic utilities (power and gas) a long history labour unrest in the industrial sector has hindered the continued growth of not only our company,but the manufacturing industry in Bangladesh on a whole. In more recent times,economic hardships have affected businesses and consumers alike, with the price of basic daily necessities rising rapidly.


Despite the adverse economic situation, we continue to go about our business and stay true to the vision and mission of the company. Quasem Industries , despite all the challenges it faces, continues to enjoy the maximum market share by maintaining the quality of our products and intensifying our business activities. Quasem Industries Limited has been able to survive the prevailing economic hardships mostly down to the hard work of our dedicated employees, from upper-management down to factory workers. It is our relationship with our employees that has set us apart from other industries in Bangladesh, where labor unrest is common and often crippling, Quasem However has never lost of a day of work due to labor issues. 


 Our continually good performance is based on sound policies and strategic vision. We are committed to expanding our business ventures and based on our years of successful experience, we are confident of succeeding in all of our new endeavors. To remain competitive in the age of fierce market competition, we believe that product diversification and technological superiority are crucial to maintaining our market share. Identifying new areas in which to expand ones business is the only way to foster growth and open up new markets. To stay on the top of the playing field, Quasem Industries Limited has worked hard to launch several new products in the market, improving our sales and securing our long-term future.


Barring any significant changes in domestic or international markets, our dedication to diversification will yield positive results and it will allow us to expand our market share both at home and abroad.


Our commitment to the good Governance, high quality standards and socially responsible business practices also continues to have a positive impact on our overall performance.


Finally we would like to reiterate to our shareholders the commitment of the Board of Directors and employees of this company to securing a bigger and better future. Quasem Industries Limited is blessed with committed and talented staff at all levels and we are dedicated to working together for the sake of our valued shareholders. We have been working hard over the last few years to set up a strong foundation for the future expansion of this company and we believe we are now in an excellent position to move to the next level and usher in a new era of growth and prosperity for Quasem Industries Limited.


As always, we must express our personal gratitude to the management and all employees of Quasem Industries Limited for their hard work and dedication to our objectives and ambitions. And lastly, I would like to thank our honorable shareholders for their continued support and co-operation.