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Mission, Vision & Corporate Values
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Corporate Vision

Our business model is based on our vision of bringing new levels of manufacturing excellence to Bangladesh. We aim to provide high quality and innovative products that fulfill the needs of Bangladeshi citizens from all walks of life. We also look to provide our shareholders with a healthy dividend on a regular basis and plan to achieve financial success by following ethical business practices and by never compromising on the quality of the product we are delivering to our customers.

Corporate Mission

The Mission of Quasem Industries Limited is to be the Premier Drycell battery manufacturer in Bangladesh through our commitment to maintaining high manufacturing standards and our dedication to honest and sustainable business practices. An important part of realizing our mission is to ensure that the SUNLITE brand in Bangladesh is a name that inspires trust from our citizens, to do this we must ensure that we adhere to strict procedures and standards of excellence both in our manufacturing and distribution sectors. In addition to providing our shareholders with consistent and healthy dividends, we also must ensure that our company is socially responsible, we are committed to ensuring that profits from our company not only go into further growing our business but also into developing our nation and improving the lives of its’ citizens. 

Corporate Values

  • ·    We value our commitment to setting and achieving the highest standards in manufacturing. In addition to setting high standards we are also committed to keeping in-line with the latest technological advancements in our field to ensure that we are delivering the best possible product to our customers.

  • ·        We value our need to be price competitive while not sacrificing on product quality.

  • ·        We value the need to create an honest, open and enabling environment for our employees, making sure our employees are happy with their jobs is of utmost importance, as is ensuring that we are consistently developing the capacity of our human resources.

  • ·        We value the trust shown in us by our shareholders and strive to ensure they are rewarded for their loyalty to our company.

  • ·        We value then needs of our customers, we are committed to building a relationship with them based on integrity, loyalty and trust.

  • ·     We value the need to not just make a healthy profit for our shareholders, but also to be a socially responsible company that is dedicated to improving the lives of the people of Bangladesh through charitable projects.