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Quasem Group


The history of Quasem Group dates back to 1950, when the organization started its first business with the establishment of a trading house. Over the coming decades,the founder of Quasem Group, the Late Mr. Abul Quasem, diversified the business interests group in making investments in mills and factories in the Cotton and Textile industries. Following the death of Mr. Quasem, his three sons took over and went into further expansion projects from the light engineering sector to food sector. Over 50 years later the company now boasts a number of businesses including the manufacturing of drycells  batteries (UM-1, UM-3, UM-4), Zinc Callot, Flashlights, metal/tin printed sheets, gas lighters and potato chips. In addition to their business activities, Quasem Group owns a fully funded a charitable organization called Quasem Foundation which operates a 100 Bed Eye Hospital, Maternity & Child Welfare Center and a few tertiary eye-care centers in Ulipur and the surrounding Kurigram area for the benefit of the people of Bangladesh’ most impoverished region.


Quasem industries Limited


Quasem Industries Ltd. (QIL) established in 1980 is the largest and first ISO certified drycell manufacturing Company in Bangladesh,featuring the most modern battery manufacturing technology in the country. Today QIL has emerged as the leading manufacturer of UM-1, UM-3 and UM-4 batteries, which is reflected by the local market share of over 75% that the QIL brand SUNLITE currently enjoys. In addition to being the most popular brand in Bangladesh, SUNLITE is also considered to be the most high-quality battery available in Bangladesh, this is reputation is reflected in the high price point the battery occupies in the market when compared to other local competitors, which it can maintain while still having the biggest market-share.

QILis a public Limited Company and is listed in Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) and the Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) and has been designated a Blue Chip Company.

In order to increase the demand for batteries on Bangladesh, QIL started importing and assembling different types of LED flashlights in 2007, using the well-established SUNLITE brand name to market this new product. The QIL factory has since installed state-of-the-art injection molding machines of their in order to be able to do most of the manufacturing for these flashlights on premises,therefore reducing the need for imported components and increasing the value added properties of the flashlights.


Facts and Figures


Year of Establishment



Initial Public Offering (IPO)



Stock Exchange Listing



Awarded ISI-9001 Certificate



Business  Line


Manufacturing & Marketing of UM-1 (D-Size), UM-3 (AA),

UM-4 (AAA), Metal Jacket Drycells Batteries, Metal Can. Flashlights, Gas Lighter, Real Potato Chips

Authorized Capital


Tk.2000 Million

Paid up Capital as on 30.12.2015


Tk. 40,47,94,360.00

No. of Shares Issued as on 20.12.15